Who We Are

EMQ Technologies- Quality Through Engineering & Management

EMQ exists to facilitate as a bridge among different verticals of Engineering and Management with Quality. We facilitate the organizations and the academics with innovative solutions on various departments of Engineering, Management, Quality, Bio-Informatics and other scientific IT solutions. These will help the organization to improve quality, profitability, customer loyalty and brand value. We are targeting to the conduit with world’s best solutions providers in IT & Non-IT products & services to achieve this mission. Know more

Our Reseller Partners

Our Reseller Partner get maximum discount & time to time skims & offers to fullfil the needs of their esteened customers. our partners are based at various cities accross india, Some of them are as follows Click here

Our Association

We are associate with leadings association

Support Services provides highly experienced and capable support to business and Government.

Our Services

Process Modelling and Simulation

Process model provides a data centric method of making important business changes using process simulation software

Data Security

Protect your PC & Mobiles from Hackers by using Doctor Web Security Space, The Ultimate Protection for your Digital Life.

Software Licensing

License keys are bound to a specific computer or mobile device. Create time limited trial license keys or a fully…

Training and Certification

EMQtech has specialists that provide professionally-accredited training, events, and development programs for business leaders and IT professionals

Quality Improvement Tools

So you’ve been learning about continuous improvement and are looking for actionable ways to implement it. How do you get started?

Workshop & Events

We are Providing Free Training and Certification Courses on Cyber-Security in the campus of IT & Polytechnic Colleges for free.

Why Choose Us?

Educated & Experienced Team

Our team is very small but dedicated and focussed to their own assigned responsibilities. They are guided with the highly educated and experienced scholars in the areas of those field we are targeting to provide solutions. Our valuable customers are scattered nationwide and abroad.

High Quality Standards

The products & services we deal are using by experienced professionals at the leading organizations to produce best quality products, reduce wastages & cost and improve productivity & quality of the products, services, process and the systems.

Modern Business Solutions

Currently we are into the age of 4th Industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 or I4.0. Every organization gradually are going for to implement somehow to go for this mission. As a solution provider we provide the best products or services which help our customers to standardize and cope up with the competition.

Our Team

Sri Gorur N Sridhar

Senior Consultant, Quality

John Brown


Diana Richards

Lead Designer

Alexandra Green

SMM Expert