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 An Webinar Session on Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization using ProcessModel Softwarewith A Case Study on Services Industry                              Date: 15-September-2016 (Thursday)

Objective: Introduction to Modeling, Simulation, and optimization – the quickest and cost-effective way to process optimization. How an organization can save from the inherited burden of unused resources. Many organizations across the globe might maintain proper documentation of their current processes but due to lack of proper data and tools they not able to diagnose the system properly. Our objective for this session to showcase a proper scientific method for optimizing “As-Is” process and find out “What-if” scenarios by analysis with a dynamic model. This session will cover the following topics:
 Topics to be cover                                                                                        

CONCEPTS:    What is Discrete Event Simulation?   |    Basic concepts on Modeling & Simulation     |      Use of Statistical Distribution of Data      |   How to optimization can be done in the simplest way to diagnose the system      |     How Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization can be a most cost-effective way for Process Improvement – An Example

 REALITY:       Example with Process Model Software       |        Use of ProcessModel 5.6.0 Software     |       Use of STAT:: FIT as a tool         |        Use of SimRunner tool with Process Model Software.     |    Process Improvement project on Call Centre of a Leading Services Industries where customer satisfaction is the motto

 Target Audiences: Services & Manufacturing Industries
 Managers | Sr. Managers | G.M.s | Process Improvement Professionals | Quality Managers | Consultants | Operation Heads | IT & ITeS Leaders | SQA Lead | Delivery Heads | Service Lead   |  Operational Excellence Professionals  | Lean & Six Sigma Professionals   | CMMI Practitioners
 Session Venue : ONLINE                                 Session Time: 09:00 a.m.                                               Duration : 3 Hrs
 FEES: USD 50.00 FREE for INDIAN CUSTOMERS                            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the SPEAKER: This Session will be delivered by Scott Baird, CEO of Process Model Inc. He is a renowned Process Improvement professional with more than 35 years of experience in Process Improvement training & consultancy. His business process training classes and workshops have been provided to major US and international organizations including: General Mass General Hospital, Electric, KPMG, Raytheon, ESPN, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Social Security Administration, Lockheed Martin, Bank of America, 3M, all branches of the US military, and hundreds of others. Major international organizations are also benefitted through Scott’s process improvement training consulting services. Close association with Scott will help you gain

  • Insight into how he selects projects that provide the highest Return on Investment
Understanding of what to model and what to ignore so that projects can be completed in record time

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