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  Basic Training Program on ProcessModel Software
 LIVE Online Certification Course  By Process Model Inc. USA.

 Course Title:                     Basic – I Training Program on Process Model Software


Course Duration: 3 Days Full Time                Next Batch: 26-NOV-2013 to 28-NOV-2013


Course Time: 08:30 AM to 03:30 PM IST (Special Time for Indian Customers)

Course Fees: INR 80,290.00 / Per Participants (*** Festive Season Special OFFER)


      *** 100% FREE with Every Perpetual License Purchase in India on or Before 31-DEC-2013.

Learn to Slash Costs and Improve Profit


Our 3 day process improvement training class provides you with the key skills and knowledge needed to enable you to quickly secure a substantial ROI (return on investment) for your business by exploiting the full potential of ProcessModel's powerful simulation and business improvement tools. Our small class size ensures that you get personal advice and help from our experienced trainer who provides consulting services companies from many different sectors. You'll learn from hands on exercises that build progressively on the knowledge you acquire. Business process training benefits include:

  •  Model building based on familiar business processes
  •  Guidance on suitable project identification through to implementation of results
  •  Exclusive insight into the tips and techniques used in many simulation modeling projects
  •  Instruction from an experienced trainer and internationally recognized business consultant
  •  Access to our advice and guidance used by many US and overseas companies
  •  Acquire sought after business process simulation knowledge and skills

Planning your business improvement project is crucial and you'll discover how to set specific objectives that will help you determine key performance indicators that ProcessModel will help you establish to measure outcomes-costs, activity times, resource utilization and much more. You'll learn how to:
  • Quickly create ProcessModel flow diagrams that model your business process
  • Verify flowchart diagrams
  • Assign model building duties to the project team
  • Add Resources, shift patterns and wage costs
  • Exploit real data from your workplace to obtain accurate timings and costs
  • Evaluate improvement options using key conditions - Complexity, Variability and Interdependence
  Once you build your models you will be taught how to add data to them to mimic the behavior of your real-life business processes. Data from your workplace can be cut and pasted in seconds and analyzed automatically to produce accurate frequency distributions that can be easily used to populate many fields - arrival patterns of clients, vehicles, logistics, processing times for handling, transactions and processing, costs for materials, breakdowns and repairs - and much more. 
 Discover how to interpret and exploit the statistical output reports and graphs automatically produced by your ProcessModel simulation models. You will also learn how to track and measure changes in process variability and how you can use this data to eliminate delays, bottlenecks and inefficiencies. In addition you'll learn how to:
  • Identify and extract key performance indicator data to provide persuasive written reports and management presentations
  • Exploit time series data to help you improve key business area performance
  • Develop rapid analysis through the correct choice of "selected statistics"
  • Customize onscreen animation to help communicate the data and sell your business improvement plans
 You'll also receive personal instructions on how to best present your data and recommendations to the process owners and management team for implementation of the changes you recommend. You will also master adding onscreen data labels that show key data during the model as it is running - typically to show critical events like work in progress, performance against quality standards, gathering costs and much more.

ProcessModel's advanced applications allow you to conduct many types of analyses across your business improvement and change management activities. These tools reside within the ProcessModel toolset and you'll quickly learn how to:

  • Analyze raw data using Stat::Fit and Export results to ProcessModel
  • Discover how to create and run Scenarios
  • Assess the impact of shift changes with the Shift Manager
  • Exploit Action Logic to capture complex business behavior
  • Use Variables and Attributes to track your key performance indicators
  • Link sub-models to ensure processes can be organization wide
 By mastering ProcessModel's business improvement tools you'll quickly learn how to apply these to get results for your business that improves the bottom line. You can easily set up key variables to allow you to compare revenues against running costs to ensure that your processes are optimized.

ProcessModel Special Training Course would be provide by Scott Baird, CEO of Process Model Inc.. He is a renowned Process Improvement professional with more than 35 years of experience in Process Improvement training & consultancy. His business process training classes and workshops have been provided to major US and international organizations including: General Mass General Hospital, Electric, KPMG, Raytheon, ESPN, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Social Security Administration, Lockheed Martin, Bank of America, 3M, all branches of the US military, and hundreds of others. Major international organizations are also benefitted through Scott’s process improvement training consulting services. Close association with Scott will help you gain

  • Insight into how he selects projects that provide the highest Return on Investment
  • Understanding of what to model and what to ignore so that projects can be completed in record time
 Awareness of how to Verify and Validate your model data and results with stakeholders
                                                                                         Course Key Benefits & Why ONLINE


  • Convenient - training without travel and downtime allows you more effective use of your time.
  • Relevant - the instructors have deep knowledge of many industries from years of consulting and training. You get the best possible process improvement training.
  • Affordable - the bottom line is cost savings. Corporations save between 50-70% due to the elimination of travel expenses according to Training Magazine.
  • Fun - by providing only the highest quality interactive content, ProcessModel not only effectively teaches simulation, but keeps you interested as well.
  • Live, Instructor Lead Class - you receive all of the benefits of having an instructor, interaction, relevant examples and the ability to add information as the class progresses.
  • Live Monitoring - students receive immediate feedback to assure the best return on your investmen
  • Complete Lessons-learn ProcessModel in depth - Built in notes, tips & quick references, with exercises and practice files that increase   your retention, up your level of involvement and keep the materials fresh.
                                                                                                               Course Outline
 Getting Started — An Introduction to ProcessModel and Process Improvement
  •  Process Simulation
  • What Simulation Is Used For
  • The Benefits of Simulation
  •  When to Use or Not To Use Simulation
 Basic Model Building — Capturing Your Process
  • Toolbox
  • Gallery
  • Entities
  • Storage's
  • Arrivals
  • Routing 
  • Speed bar
  • Scoreboard
  • Moving Entities
  • Counters
  • Layout Space
  • Shape Palette
  • Properties Dialog
  • Activities Resources
  • The Modeling Environment
  • The Objects Used To Build a Process Model
  • Elements of the Simulation Window
  • Resource Assignments
  •   Warm-up Length
What's Worked On and How Often Does it Arrive?
  • Arrivals to test the system maximum
  • Arrivals to test and validate the model logic
  • Reading arrivals in from external sources
  • Accounting for material costs
  • Appointment book arrivals
  • Bulk item arrivals
  • Pull system arrivals
  • Planned time arrivals
  • Cyclic arrivals
What Work Is Done And Who Does It? — Working with Activities and Resources
  • Establishing the work capacity and determining the size of input and output queues
  • Activity cost, hourly cost, and cost per use
  • Value-added, non value-added and business value added time
  • Creating and using batches
  • Random interruption of employees
  • Developing resource and making assignments to work
  • Creating resources shifts
Routings for Flow and Conditions of Movement
  • Routing based on probability
  • Routing based on user defined conditions
  • Splitting entities into multiple flows
  • Assemble entities from multiple sources
  • Just-in-time routing
  • Push routing
Using Attributes, Variables and Action Logic
  • Develop and use entity specific information for routing and decision making
  • Create custom behavior in model constructs
  • Plot model characteristics over time to find out "when" problems are occurring
  • Learn how to collect custom statistics
Using Distributions and Linking Hierarchical Models
  • Using variability in your model
  • Turn raw data into useful information in seconds
  • Interpreting the output from highly variable systems
  • Developing a top down approach using sub-models
Optimizing and Troubleshooting Your Model
  • Creating experiments
  • Using the output to optimize your process

  • Common modeling errors and what to do about it
  Managing Process Improvement Projects
 How to start, manage and present a model project to higher management 
 What Computer and Software do I need for the Course? 

Computer requirements:

  • ProcessModel is certified on PC platforms running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems and the minimum hardware requirements specified by Microsoft.
  • Headset with microphone.

Software requirements:

  • ProcessModel 5.3 - Test your installation by opening and running a demo model. Download the current version.
  • Microsoft Excel version 2003 or newer.
  • Internet Connection: Preferred greater than 1.5 MBPS
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 Lean & Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course                                                                                                                


Reason to Choose LSSGB Training @ EMQ Technologies
  • Pre- Class Room Session – Enter the Class with Basic knowledge

  • Post Class Room Session & Coaching

  • Trainer Support during Pre & Post Class room session

  • Opportunity to present own case studies in-front-of panel juries & industry professionals


  • Training Material: Books, Study Materials, Quality Diary, Video Clips, Case Studies, FREE Evaluation Software and Basic Manuals for Software

  • Participate in Annual Mega Quality Event – Learn from the Experts & Network with professionals

This course is available through Onsite Program, Public Training Program and Campus Training Program. Participants have to carry their own Laptop with Windows XP/ Vista / 7 Installed in their Laptop or they can hire Laptop with an extra payment. For Organization’s Project Presentation in Annual Event they need to pay an amount of INR 25,000 extra for each Case study. 
 Course Objective : After Completion of the course by EMQ Technologies, you will be able to:
  • Introduction to Quality Management & various tools
  • Improve processes using DMAIC, Lean (waste removal) and Six Sigma (variation removal) tools & techniques
  • Understand Lean Six Sigma structures, roles and processes to challenge norms and transform businesses
  • Apply Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization tools
  • Apply and understand the voice of the customer in all areas of business
  • Collect and analyze data correctly ensuring you make correct decisions for improvement projects & root causes. Develop and implement solutions and ensure problems are solved permanently saving time, effort and money through running a Project. 

 Course Contents

In order to be successful, Green Belt Lean Six Sigma practitioners need to combine technical ability with the interpersonal skills required to influence decisions and drive change. Our Green Belt training program takes a systematic approach to the syllabus, following a DMAIC-based framework, (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), and it also covers the soft skills needed to make you genuinely effective. This Green Belt course is delivered through a variety of training techniques, including lectures, group exercises, and simulations, case studies, and discussions. You will also receive access to all of the required software tools, course material, and Pre-Training & Post- training support from Trainer via email, phone or Skype.

  Course Structure : Pre-Class Session  | Class Room Based  | Online Support  |  Offline Support  |  Project Work  |  Coaching  |  Certification | Award

Module 1 – Support Before the Training

  • Introduction
  • Overview on Main tools & Techniques
  • System Ready with downloaded tools & resources
  • FREE Online Sponsor Session as Introduction to the Tools
  • Set Reading to Broaden Knowledge


Module -2 - Support During the Training

Day -1  |  Day -2  |  Day – 3

Module -3 - Support after the Training

Coaching | Certification |  Presentation in Annual Event ***

To Participate for Project Presentation in Annual Event need applicable Fees.
Module – 2 Class Room Training Session (DMAIC in Practice) – 3 Days
Start at Morning 09:30 AM to Evening 05:30 PM  
   Take Away from Day 2 Class Session
  • Knowledge on Importance of Good Data Collection and its Usage
  • Knowledge on Statistics & Analysis
  • Usage of appropriate methods for Data analysis
   Take Away from Day 3 Class Session
  • Learning on Advance Statistics & how it helps in improvement projects.
  • Advance Application of ProcessModel Software
  • Complete Six Sigma Green Belt Project

MODULE – 3 Online study

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

(1 Day After the Training)Post Training Support to Implement Best Project.  

Practice applying the learning from the classroom sessions through quizzes and exercises based on case studies (selected from relevant industry examples)Apply learning through work-based project, delivering faster ROI for your organization. Online / Offline exam (pass mark 80%)


Coaching Session: 1 hour of 2 Sessions through Skype or Phone


  • Review training progress and fill in any gaps in understanding.
  • Review project progress and identify opportunities for development and improvement.
  • Discuss personal development, including soft skills such as influencing and change management
Receive Certificate of CompletionAward at Annual Event  
  • Interview with an expert panel to present your project and discuss Lean Six Sigma to confirm understanding
  • Receive personal reference from mentor
  • Networking opportunity with fellow delegates
   About the Trainer for this Training Event at DURGAPUR

Sri Gorur N Sridhar – Sridhar is in the advisory board of EMQ Technologies and Heads the Training & Consultancy Program at EMQ.  He is a legendary professional, with more than 26 years of industrial experience in Lean & Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Quality Management, CMMI L5, ISO, AS9100, EHS, Program Management, Continuous improvements, and Process improvements. By education, a Mechanical Engineer and a qualified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) who worked in Manufacturing, Quality and Design in Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering Services and Medical domains. He has been instrumental for substantial cost savings through Value Engineering, Process Improvements & Failure Analysis.

His achievements in this field include filing of 6 Patents (4 granted, 2 under review) and authoring many articles on Quality to various International Quality Portals and Journals. He mentored more than 100 Six Sigma & Kaizen projects. He is a Qualified Internal Auditor for ISO 9000, QS 9000 & AS 9100 and other Quality Systems. He is also associated with the Implementation and Sustenance of CMMI L5 activities, EHS and Community development programs. He has been selected by many quality forums to act as one of the jury member in Quality Award ceremony to choose the best Project.

He had been mastered with the tools like SPC, C&E Matrix, SIPOC, FMEA, VSM, Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization and Projects Management using best software like SAS, ProcessModel, Statgraphics, Minitab, R etc.

His affection on teaching along with his vast qualifications & experience in quality & process improvement, he wants to help others to be part of the quality improvement journey and establish a quality world. He is soft spoken and down to earth person who always interact with all his participants during the class to build a strong confidence in their mind on the subject. He always provides ample opportunity to learn many tricks on quality from him. We wish you a better life as a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Professional in advance. 

Fees: INR 25,000.00 + taxes for Per Participants.  *** Early Bird Discount Offer: 10% Discount on Base Price to each participants enrolling before 28th May, 2015

Fees include: Course Fees, Study Materials, Lunch & Refreshments during Classroom Training Programs
 Cancellation: 100 % Payment Return Before 20 Days, 75% Return Before 15 Days, 50% Return Before 10 Days of the Starting Date of Training Program
 Call Us for More Details: +91-9903871301 / +91-9474621510 / +91-9476105044 / +91-8105194231
Registered Office: H.P. No. 1265/1238, Samannay Pally, P.O. SIURI, Dist. BIRBHUM, West Bengal, India – 731101. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Achieve business process improvement goals with confidence. ProcessModel provides a data centric method of making important business changes using process simulation software. You link together easy to obtain information about your process and ProcessModel allows you to mimic current production. Proposed changes can be tested in minutes to accurately predict process improvement opportunities. ProcessModel provides simulation software, superior training and model building services for completing your project on time with higher ROI.


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