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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Comprehensive protection for all hosts in the corporate network

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite consists of a set of Dr.Web products designed to protect all hosts in a corporate network and a single control center that facilitates the administration of many of the products.

Comprehensive protection from existing threats

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite provides reliable protection from most existing threats. Its unsurpassed quality of curing and reliable self-protection capabilities leave no loophole for viruses and other malware to find their way into the protected environment. The built-in firewall included in the protection software for workstations and the Office Control module help prevent viruses from exploiting the vulnerabilities of operating systems and applications, and control the operation of installed programs.
 Product Group  Protected Objects  Supported OS & Platforms  Basic License  Additional Components    
 Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite  Workstations  Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
 SP4 + Rollup 1
 Comprehensive protection    
  • Control Center
 Terminal server clients    Anti-virus    
 Virtual server clients  Mac OS X, Linux    
 Embedded systems clients  MS DOS, OS/2      

 Dr.Web Server Security Suite

File servers and
application servers
 Novell NetWare
 Mac OS X Server
  • Control Center
 UNIX (Samba)
 UNIX (Novell Storage  Services)
 Dr.Web Mail Security Suite  E-mail users   UNIX
  MS Exchange
  Lotus (Windows/Linux)
  Kerio (Windows/Linux)
  • Control Center
  • Anti-spam (except for Kerio)
  • SMTP proxy
 Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite  Users of gateways  Kerio     Anti-virus
  •  Control Center
 UNIX Internet gateways    
 Qbik WinGate
  • Anti-spam
 Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite  Mobile devices  Windows Mobile    Anti-virus
  • Control Center
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-spam
 Symbian OS
  • Anti-spam


As a customer, you’ll be given a single key file that will allow you to use a Dr.Web product to protect whatever objects you require for a desired platform. For example, a key file will let you choose between anti-virus protection for a Unix file server and a Windows file server. If you change your platform from Unix to Windows while your license is valid, you don’t need to get a different key file. Instead you will be able to go to to download and install free of charge a distribution file of the program you require.



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